Brightsky Astroscience

Dedicated to the promotion of science and exploration gameplay in Star Citizen.

This organization is being organized to be a Star Citizen Community / Interest Group made up of players with a vested interest in the future development of exploration and science gameplay in Star Citizen. A community for discussion, speculation, news, and ideas. 

At the time of the site launch Brightsky is still in development. We will be starting a Discord server shortly, but aren't quite there yet. Resources, as we develop them will be posted in the right-hand column, news announcements will be below in the future. 

If you have interest in Science and Exploration gameplay in Star Citizen please consider joining the Org. All interested applicants will be accepted. We want to have an organization that gives this player group a presence and voice in the commnunity. The dogfighters, bounty hunters, and miners all have thier forums, It time us Carrack and Endeavor owners have a place to talk.  Star Citizen has a demographic that includes a lot of science professionals - Brightsky is made for you. Please consider becoming a member of this organization Star Citizen could be a Showcase for Scientific Gameplay. Let's help get it there.

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